Password Lock
USB Drive

Protects the USB drive with your photos, audios, videos and other files from prying eyes on Android & Windows. Once the drive is locked, nobody can access your files.

USB Lockit


100% Portable, fast, reliable and free!

USB Lockit
  • Fast Locking

    Drive locking in few seconds through a simple but powerful user interface.

  • Cross Platform

    When the drive is locked your files remain safe in all operating systems.

  • Standard Device

    Works with all USB flash drives and external hard drives formatted in FAT32.

  • Fully Portable

    Designed for Android & Windows for access without root or admin rights.

All in 3 Easy Steps

Prevents unauthorized access to files.


USB Drive Locking

To lock the USB drive and protects all your files, simply set a PIN and click on LOCK button.

USB drive unlocked


USB Drive Unlocking

To unlock the USB drive and access to all your files, enter your PIN and click on UNLOCK button.

USB drive locked


USB Drive Relocking

To relock the USB drive without entering the PIN every time, just a click on the LOCK button.

USB drive relocked

Contact Us

First read the FAQ before contact us.

1. Can I recovery my PIN if I forget it?

Yes, in the Android version after installing the App is asked to enter your email to recovery the PIN if you forget it. You can enter it later clicking on the 3-dots menu when the drive is unlocked, to recovery your PIN via email when locked.

2. How to format USB drive in FAT32?

The advantage of FAT32 is that all every major operating system and most devices support it. To format USB drives larger than 32GB in FAT32, download a free third party software for Windows here.

3. Can I use both Apps on USB drive?

Yes, the Windows App is portable. It runs directly from your USB drive, don't require installation. The exe file on USB drive can coexist with the Android App.

4. Why doesn't run on Windows 10?

Try to pause the Antivirus temporarily. If unsolved, right-click on the exe file, select Compatibility Troubleshooter, test the new settings and save them.

5. What protection the App uses?

Encrypts the files system with AES 256-bit including the boot partition of the drive. Also the stored PIN is encoded.



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Available on Android & Windows

For Windows PC once downloaded, copy the file on your USB drive and start it!